Basic instructions for getting CANWork connected and running

Termination Determine if you need to use the CANWork’s onboard termination. CAN bus requires a 120 Ohm terminating resistor on each end of the bus for proper operation, and a completely unterminated bus will not function at all. The CANWork has a built in terminator you can use, but if your bus is already terminated make sure to disable onboard termination.

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Connect To The Bus Connect the CANH, CANL, of your CANWork to your target CAN bus. GND can be left open IF the USB-C ground is common to the other CAN bus devices. Otherwise, connect GND to a common ground with other devices on the CAN bus.

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Connect to the Host Connect your CANWork to your host devices USB port with a USB-C cable. Make sure you’re using a good USB data cable and not a charge-only cable.

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Basic Troubleshooting

PWR/Tx LED (green):

  • Bootloader: Always OFF
  • Slcan: ON with power
  • Candlelight:
    Blinks 4x at power up, then off until Cangaroo is active Blinks on transmit

Rx LED(yellow):

  • Bootloader: Always OFF
  • Slcan: Blinks twice at power up
  • Candlelight: Blinks 4x at power up, then stays on until Cangaroo is active Blinks on receive


  • wire color is typically yellow
  • DB9 pin 7


  • wire color is typically green
  • DB9 pin 2

CAN bus speeds:

  • OBD and automobiles typically 500k
  • Heavy-duty trucks and J1939 are 250k